Experimental design

Consulting complete analysis workflow

Primer and probe design   →  standard reference genes

Assay optimisation and validation

Reference genes validation

Expression profiling // Absolute quantification           →  more…


Sample preparation and QC

Nucleic acids isolation and purification

Quality control of isolated RNA and DNA:

– isolation yields // concentration – purity // protein contaminants

– integrity // fragment analysis, RIN

DNA or RNA spikes // gDNA ValidPrime // IPC           →  more…


PCR techniques

End-point PCR // Quantitative PCR 96 // 384

Dye // Probe // Multiplex qPCR

Melting and high resolution melting analysis

Microfluidic chip qPCR // 9216 reactions per run

High throughput gene expression profiling – quantification of 96 genes in 96 samples            →  more…


Digital PCR

State-of-art technology in PCR, that provide high resolution and sensitivity ideal for:

– Rare mutation detection

– Genotyping // miRNA quantification

– Copy number variation

– Absolute quantification w/o standard           →  more…


Single cell

Single cell analysis – manual or automated selection and pickup of individual cells           →  more…


Two-tailed PCR

Specific miRNA quantification using an unique cost effective assay

Dye-based two-tailed primer design

Expression analysis

Validated assay transferred to customer for unlimited use           →  more…



Robotic pipetting station for 96 // 384 plates

– high throughput analysis

– ready-to-use plates with mastermixes           →  more…



User-specific experimental design for whole transcriptome analysis

Library preparation and quality control

Single cell RNA-Seq

Basic data analysis           →  more…


Data analysis

Data quality // Differential expression analysis

Selection of reference genes // Normalization

Descriptive statistic // non-parametric tests

Multivariate analysis (PCA) // Genex

Outputs for Materials & Methods section           →  more…