Bio-Rad // CFX96

PCR cycler for 96 well plates with real-time reading of fluerescence. 5 channels, melting analysis.

Bio-Rad // CFX384

PCR cycler for 384 well plates with real-time reading of fluerescence. 5 channels, melting analysis.

Roche // LightCycler 480 II

PCR cycler for 96 or 384 well plates /interchangable platform with real-time reading of fluerescence. 5 channels, melting analysis.

Our instruments utilize detections systems for variety of  dyes, inluding mostly used real-time PCR systems (SYBR green I, FAM, HEX, Cy5). Real-time PCR instruments can be used even for  aplications based on FRET (protein-protein, DNA-protein interactions etc.)  Contact us for detail technical specifications for your  experimental requirements.

Bio-Rad // C1000

PCR cycler for 96 well format without optical unit, for end-point PCR or RT reactions etc.


Digital PCR


Bio-Rad // QX200

System for digital PCR based on emulsion particles. Easy to use, high quality results, reasonable cost  per sample. Manifold for particles forming for 8 samples, PCR and read-out of results  in standard 96 well plate.


High throughput  qPCR


Fluidigm // Biomark and NanoFlex

Microfluidic chip qPCR system allows up to 9216 reactions per run. Two chip platforms, one for 48 samples with 48 assays or 96 samples with 96 assays respectively. Complet experiment including loading and reading chip take circa 3 hours.


DNA/RNA quality control


Advanced Analytical // Fragment analyzer

Powerful but  cost-effective tool for complex analysis of nucleic acids  purity and integrity. Based on capillary electrophoresis.  12 channels system for 96 well format.

Thermo Scientific // NanoDrop 8000

Easy-to-use spectrophotometer for analysis of DNA/RNA/protein samples. One or 8 channels in once, minimum volume of sample 1 μl.

Invitrogen // Qubit

Dye-based photometer for sensitive quantification of DNA, RNA and proteins. Ideal for precise normalization based on RNA amount. Limits of detection in pg/μl scales (depends on target and used dye kit).


Single cell analysis


ALS // AVISO CellCelector

Fully automated microscopic micromanipulator available for pick-up of tagged cells in suspension. Each selected cell is transfered to individual well in 96 wells plate. System is dedicated for single cell  analyses, e.g. expression profiling.




Eppendorf // epMotion P5073

Robotic pipetting station for 96 and 384 well plates. Ideal for high throughput analyses or preparing ready-to-use plates with PCR mastermixes.




MultiD Analyses // GenEx

complex software tool for processing real-time PCR data (relative quantification, reference gene validation etc.).

Premier Biosoft // AlleleID and Beacon Designer

Tolls for design and validation of primers and probes for PCR assays.

Bio-Rad //Precision Met Analysis

Tool for evaluate High Resolution Melting  analysis performed on Bio-Rad PCR instruments. Useable for SNP genotyping.


  • All instruments in GeneCore facility can be used by our clients and partners upon appropriate training. You may use your own disposable materials and reagents, or they can be provided by GeneCore. Contact us for prices and detail options.